Nearest Airport to Diu

The nearest airport to Diu is the Diu Airport. It is a domestic airport located in the union territory of Diu, India.

Total Distance:

The total distance between Diu Airport to the main city of Diu is approximately 8 kilometers.

Travel Time:

The travel time is 15-20 minutes only.

Route Guide:

To travel from Diu Airport to the main city of Diu, you can follow this route guide:

  1. After arriving at Diu Airport, exit the airport terminal.
  2. Head towards the main airport access road.
  3. Take a left turn onto SH 756 (State Highway 756), which leads directly to the city center of Diu.
  4. Continue on SH 756, and it will take you through scenic coastal views and beautiful landscapes.
  5. After driving for about 8 kilometers on SH 756, you will reach the main city of Diu, where most hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions are located.

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