Nearest Airport to Deoghar

The nearest airport to Deoghar is Birsa Munda Airport, also known as Ranchi Airport.

Total Distance:

The total distance between Birsa Munda Airport to Deoghar is approximately 250 kilometers.

Travel Time:

The travel time from Birsa Munda Airport to Deoghar is 5-6 hours only.

Route Guide:

Here is a route guide from Birsa Munda Airport to Deoghar:

  1. Exit Birsa Munda Airport and head south on Airport Road.
  2. Continue straight on Airport Road and merge onto NH 33.
  3. Follow NH 33 and continue straight towards Ramgarh.
  4. From Ramgarh, follow the signs for Deoghar and take the road leading to Deoghar.
  5. Continue on the road, which will take you through towns like Gola, Nawada, and Jasidih.
  6. Finally, reach Deoghar, where the famous Baba Baidyanath Temple is located.

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