Nearest Airport to Gokarna Karnataka

The nearest airport to Gokarna is Goa International Airport.

Total Distance:

The Goa International Airport is located 140 kilometers from Gokarna.

Travel Time:

The travel time is 3-4 hours only.

Route Guide:

Here is a general route guide from the Goa International Airport to Gokarna:

  1. From the airport, head towards the main road and follow the signs that guide you towards Karwar. You will be taking the NH66 route.
  2. Continue on the NH66, passing through scenic coastal areas and towns like Karwar and Ankola. Enjoy the beautiful views of the Arabian Sea along the way.
  3. As you approach Gokarna, you will see signboards directing you towards the town center or specific beaches, such as Om Beach or Kudle Beach.
  4. Follow the signs and directions to your desired location within Gokarna, and your journey from the Goa International Airport will end at your destination.

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